Creativity and diversity (feel free to use it to prepare your next TEDx talk)


One of the key ingredients of WazArs is the principle of unity in diversity.

We promote artistic craftsmanship amidst a wave of transformative crises that are reshaping the economic and financial landscape of the planet (After the Crash – Those who have the gold make the rules, FuturAbles, 20 December, 2014; The time of world revolution is drawing near (social forecasting: winter 2014-2015), FuturAbles, 20 November 2014; speech delivered by Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner during the UN General assembly, 29 September 2014; Pepe Escobar, New Silk Roads and an Alternate Eurasian Century, TomDispatch, 5 October 2014; see also For a New World Order to live well), reflecting the needs and pressures of emerging countries (BRICS + MINT), eager to break the deadlock of the global speculative debt and establish a new multipolar order that does not lead to anarchy: unity in diversity, indeed.

What are the possible consequences for aspiring entrepreneurs like us?

It is a real challenge, one made more difficult still by uncertainties concerning the unpredictable effects of climate change (Cryosphere Today, University of Illinois; Northern Europe and the coming climate refugees crisis, FuturAbles, 13 October 2014) and the Ebola/flu pandemics (Marie-Jeanne Capuano, Global Pandemics: an Opportunity for Public Diplomacy).

A challenge for everyone of us, and so much depends on our ability to rise to the occasion.

We can work together creatively, embracing our differences instead of fighting over them, because we understand that, in the long run, in a deeply interdependent world, we can not be free and prosperous when others are not; because we also understand that we need to balance centripetal forces (centralization, selfishness) and centrifugal forces (decentralization, altruism), high and low, macro and micro, consolidation and expansion, conservation and change, the local community and the global village.

For thinkers as diverse as Keynes, Friedman, DeGaulle and Rudolf Steiner, each nation has its own voice and these voices must become a choir (once again: unity in diversity).

Finance and economy are in a constant, global flow and we can no longer hope to quarantine a regional crisis. This is why the egotistical and social-Darwinist logic of mors tua, vita mea (you must die so that I may live), leading to a senseless accumulation of capital for its own sake, is the logic of the Titanic.

On the contrary, the logic of the choral “united and diverse” /“all for one, one for all”, premised on the notion that capital, through productive investment, should sustain human creativity, for the greatest benefit of all people, is our best hope for a humane future.

Ultimately, much of our success will also hinge on the degree of awareness of contemporary challenges among the general public.

A socio-economic milieu in which concepts such as “daily diplomacy” (Richard Sennett), “peace through culture” (Nicholaj Roerich) and “associative economics” (Christopher Houghton Budd) have become common currency would be highly advantageous for our type of entrepreneurial venture.

Finally, I also submit that Trentino South Tyrol has a moral obligation to use its autonomy and its historical role as a nexus between peoples and cultures, to grow, learn from others, find its own distinctive voice and serve as a model for other communities.

We are willing to do our part.

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