The Great Opening Up

The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting.


This is the era of the Great Opening Up of our eyes, hearts and minds, of expanding choices, the era of visual, chromatic imageries, and attractive, glocal designs (The first human revolution and creative explosion – a prelude to another possible Great Leap Forward? WazArs, 24 October 2014).

The Franzmagazine newsroom

The Franzmagazine newsroom

As always, the key to success is innovation but, in a globalized world, that involves an unprecedented degree of openness to diversity, to different perspective and mindsets, to people enjoying the liberty to think for themselves, chasing after their dreams, experimenting, developing, evolving, taking risks, failing, trying again, with eyes, hearts and minds wide open for new possibilities, visions, scenarios, challenging an authoritarian and conformist system which hammers down the nails that stick out (出る杭は打たれるが、出すぎた杭は打たれない (deru kui wa utareru ga, desugita kui wa utarenai) “A stake that sticks out will be hammered, but a stake that sticks out too much (a lot) will not” – Japanese proverb).

Separated by race, religion, ethnicity, social standing, divided by prejudices and idiosyncrasies, we must finally stand together and work together, giving up our habit of wanting to always have everything our way.

The Franzmagazine newsroom

The Franzmagazine newsroom

If we can manage that, we will live in a relatively peaceful world, given that the more interdependent we are, the more it’s in our best interest to work together, instead of harming each other. So we need to practice more cultural diplomacy (Creativity and diversity – feel free to use it to prepare your next TEDx talk, WazArs, 7 October 2014). Ideas and people must circulate globally, we must get to know each other, exchange what we have (money, energy, culture, tastes) and share our dreams and aspirations. We should let curiosity and a spirit of cooperation be our guides. Let us care about someone other than ourselves.

Lest we become passive and dependent, it is imperative that we reconsider the role of manual competence, of the experience of competent agency. It is such a boost for our self-esteem when we see that we can do something well and other people acknowledge that! And, as everyone knows, when we are no longer frustrated, resentful, jealous, envious and cynical, we tend to be quiet, serene, pro-active, altruistic, independent, cooperative and keen to enjoy aesthetic pleasures: the kind of people we would like to be all the time. The kind of people we rather surround ourselves with.

Anna Quinz, editor of Franzmagazine

Anna Quinz, managing editor and creative direction

At the end of the day, this is our mission. It is what drives us to search for valuable partnerships with like-minded people, organizations and businesses, such as Franzmagazine, a magazine and a marketing agency based in Bolzano/Bozen (Alto Adige/South Tyrol, Italy), with a passion for quality craftsmanship and unconventional, creative Christmas markets (This was Christmas in November: the photo gallery, Franzmagazine, 26 November 2014).

Silke De Vivo, Interno 11, Steamy Chums, WearMICH, Andreas Trenker, Leche Atelier, Lumacamilla, De.Sign, Bellamaglietta, Collective, Ecologina, La Pinotteria, Federica Bordoni, La Maison Blanchine, Nelly De Gasperin, Stomacake, Theresa Fisher, Tulip, Underkraut, Marieta Frauenwerkstatt Mühlbach.

Here is the link to our “undercover”, investigative photographic report of the event, uploaded on Pinterest.
And this is a sample of the photo images we have taken at their premises.
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