Pont des Arts – The art of bridging East and West


Thibault Pontallier & Arthur de Villepin


Thanks to technological advances in communication and transportation, our world is changing fast: from a global civilization based on Western-centric black-and-white thinking (fallacy of the false alternative) and centralising hard power, leading to forced choices and zero-sum games, to a multi-centric, plural, global civilization of open-ended questions, decentralising soft power and cooperative competition.

We are gradually becoming more balanced, by learning how to fruitfully integrate the contemplative, introspective, patient, nurturing, communitarian East (yin) and the pioneering, risk taking, questioning, expansive, individualist West (yang) into a higher, creatively life-affirming truth and a higher civilisational expression of such truth, premised on libertarian constitutionalism and spiritual communitarianism.

Both the Eastern and the Western worldviews have failed and, in alliance, they have brought out the worst from human beings (totalitarianism). They have grown corrupted, despotic, entropic and therefore unsustainable, precisely because they were unilateral fragments of a unified, mature, benevolent and resilient evolutionary vision, the different and virtuous kind of union of diversities that is now finally emerging.

Despite all sociopathic efforts to sabotage this process of rebalancing and reunification of humankind, the West will become more “yin”, the East more “yang” and, at long last, there will be balance, which is what we need in abundance (We are all connected. Then and now, WazArs, 16 November 2014).

ND4_1609We at WazArs are glad to introduce our readers to one such instance, a business partnership between Arthur de Villepin (My life: Arthur de Villepin, South China Morning Post Magazine, 9 March 2014) and Thibault Pontallier, Chateau Margaux “ambassador” to China.

They are the founders of a Hong Kong-based wine brand called Pont des Arts, named after a Napoleonic bridge in Paris, and launched in 2012.

They sell Bordeaux (Sauvignon Blanc, Rive Droite and Lalande-de-Pomerol) and Burgundy (Côte de Nuits-Villages, Nuits-Saint-Georges and Meursault) wines in bottles crafted with Chinese artistic labels (e.g. Zao Wou-Ki, Yue Minjun), sensing that affluent Chinese are no longer satisfied with buying expensive stuff and are now seeking after High Culture.

ND4_2029Our ambition is to bridge the gap between art and wine, east and west, and in this context Hong Kong is exactly the bridge between Europe and Asia. The city is also a great wine and art hub and people here understand very well what we are trying to achieve.

Thibault Pontallier, A Bridge between Wine and Art, investhk.gov.hk, April 2014

Next year we are planning to branch into Champagne and olive oil and we would like to feature artists of different nationalities on the labels.

Arthur de Villepin, Rich Insights: Thibault Pontallier & Arthur de Villepin, Founders of Pont Des Arts, Wealth-X, 26 March 2014

Homepage: http://pontdesarts-wine.com/en/index.php
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pont-des-Arts/264200390339502

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